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What's in your bowl?

Howdy Ya'll!

When you purchase a packet of our Gilley's Wild Bull Chili Mix, you'll find a recipe on the back.  It's easy to prepare and tastes great!  Just add two pounds of meat, eight ounces of tomato sauce, and two cups of water.  It's simple and delicious!

Of course, you can embellish it and create your own flavor profiles by adding the ingredients you enjoy.  I use a pound of ground sirloin and a pound of ground pork.  I substitute diced tomatoes for the tomato sauce,  and instead of water I add beer (preferably Gilley's beer if you're in Texas).  Also I like to season the meat with Gilley's Garlic Pepper Seasoning and add chopped onion and bacon.  Ooh wee! 

Now, most folks when talking about will bring up the bean conversation.  To bean, or not to bean?  That is the question?  If so then what kind?  Kidney?  Black?  Pinto?  Is it a Texas thing vs. an everywhere else thing as Yellowstone so eloquently put it?

Then there's the fixings.  Do you top your chili with anything?  Corn chips?  Crackers?  Cheese?  Sour cream?  Onions?  Jalapenos?  Or do you have it with a slice of cornbread?  So many ways to enjoy a bowl of Gilley's chili.  We'd love to hear what's in your bowl.  Tell us how you serve it up!

Jeffrey McDonald

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