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Gilley's Bourbon Cowboy T-shirt

Gilley's Bourbon Cowboy T-shirt

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🎵  Well, if the whiskey doesn't get me, I know the memories will
Cause you left a hole in my heart, that's too deep to fill
But a drink or two, maybe three or four, for a while you're out of sight
It's a Headache Tomorrow or a Heartache Tonight.  🎵
Are you a real Bourbon Cowboy?  
  • 100% Cotton
  • unisex shirt
  • classic fit

Kick up your style with the Gilley's Bourbon Cowboy T-shirt. This soft, vintage Urban Cowboy inspired tee is perfect for honky-tonk adventures. Get ready to wrangle your wardrobe and ride off into the sunset with this quirky, playful addition to your closet. Yeehaw!

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